Bending Capabilities:Other Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services Datasheets

Marshall Manufacturing Company
from Marshall Manufacturing Company

Marshall offers "2D & 3D CNC Bending" of small diameter pre-machined pre-machined tube and wire. Capabilities for forming tubes range from .065 to .250 inches in diameter, and wire ranges from .065 to .200 inches in diameter. Our CNC bending processes offer many benefits: improved quality, faster... [See More]

  • Bending Capabilities: CNCBending; Hypodermic; Mandrel; ThinWall
  • Certifications / Quality Capabilities: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 13485:2003
  • Company Information: Marshall Manufacturing Company is a full service manufacturer, specializing in CNC Swiss machining. We offer CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC Laser tube machining, Wire EDM and additional secondary machining and finishing services. We also provide manufacturing design, as well as precision 2D bending and 3D bending, of pre-machined wire and tubing. Materials include MP35N, L605, Titanium, 300 series and 17-7 stainless steel and alloy steels, aluminum and brass, as well as a full range of plastics.
  • Additional Capabilities: Annealing; Buffing; Cut-to-Length; EndForming; EndFlattening; Machining; Slotting; Piercing; Swaging; In-lineWelding; Free Form Bending
New England Small Tube Corporation
from New England Small Tube Corporation

Tube Assemblies: New England Small Tube is a leader in small diameter tube fabrication. Its assembly capabilities include brazing, laser welding, bending, cutting, swaging, flaring, bulging, beading, and finishing. Original equipment manufacturers rely on New England Small Tube for a wide range of... [See More]

  • Bending Capabilities: CNCBending; Coiling; Hypodermic; ThinWall; Compression
  • Certifications / Quality Capabilities: ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Information: Tube bending at New England Small Tube can range from performing a simple 90° elbow to parts with compound bends and multiple planes. Each bend is fabricated by custom fixtures made specific to the outside diameter and radius.
  • Additional Capabilities: Annealing; Buffing; Cut-to-Length; EndForming; EndFlattening; Machining; Plating; Slotting; Swaging; In-lineWelding; Passivation; Grinding
Tubodyne Co., Inc.
from Tubodyne Co., Inc.

Tubodyne offers a wide range of bending capabilities in tubing or pipe with outside diameter (OD) sizes from .125  through 4 , solid bar up to 1  diameter, and bending services for square and rectangular tubing. We work with aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, exotic... [See More]

  • Bending Capabilities: CNCBending; Coiling; Mandrel; Ram; Roll; ThinWall; Customized Processes
  • Certifications / Quality Capabilities: MIL-SPEC; Customized QC Procedures
  • Company Information: Tubodyne is a bending service company with experience and capability in a broad range of applications. We have excellent equipment including CNC benders and highly skilled personnel. We also offer secondary forming operations.
  • Additional Capabilities: Cut-to-Length; EndForming; EndFlattening; Slotting; Piercing; Custom Operations