GPIB Hipot Testers Datasheets

HypotMAX™ 10 kVAC Fully-Automated Dielectric Withstand Analyzer -- 7705
from Ikonix USA

The 7705 is a 10 KV AC Hipot tester that is designed to provide high AC output voltage for cable, wire, harness and electrical component testing. This easy-to-use bench top tester offers numerous features for safe and efficient testing, including our patented SmartGFI ® safety circuit. In... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; GPIB (optional feature); RS232; USB
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • Types of Measurements: AC Dielectric; AC Hipot
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 10000
TOS9200 Series -- TOS9200
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The TOS9200 Series has been developed to meet a wide diversity of customer needs. Including the refinement and enforcement of Kikusui's former Series, its specifications reflect the results of detailed study of our large database of user's requirements including special orders and modifying... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; LEDIndicator; GPIB; RS232
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC; 85-130/170-250 VAC
  • Types of Measurements: AC Dielectric; Insulation Resistance; DC Hipot; AC Hipot
  • AC Voltage Out: 50 to 5000
Seaward -- Sentinel
from Seaward Group USA

The Sentinel hipot / flash tester provides simple affordable AC or DC Hipot/flash/dielectric withstand testing, ideal for the manufacturing or conformance lab test environment. Manual or automatic test sequences can be created with multiple test steps. This is a highly versatile tester at an... [See More]

  • Display: LEDIndicator; GPIB (optional feature); RS232
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • Types of Measurements: AC Dielectric; DC Dielectric; Arc Detection / Tracking; AC/DC Selectable
  • AC Voltage Out: 100 to 5000
95X Series Hipot Testers
from Vitrek Corporation

Power & Versatility for your Most Demanding Electrical Safety Test Applications. Vitrek built the 95X Series from the ground up with DSP technology – to bring you the safest, fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available. The 95X Series combines high output power, with a wide... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; LEDIndicator; GPIB (optional feature); RS232; Ethernet
  • AC Voltage Out: 20 to 10000
  • Types of Measurements: DC Hipot; AC Hipot
  • DC Volts Out: 20 to 15000