GPIB Current Leakage Testers Datasheets

LINECHEK® II Fully Automated Line Leakage Tester -- 620L
from Ikonix USA

The LINECHEK ® Model 620L is a fully automated Line Leakage tester that can be configured to perform 8 of the most commonly required Line Leakage tests. The 620L has the most common measuring devices (MD's) already incorporated into the instrument and can perform patient lead tests with an... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; GPIB (optional feature); RS232; USB
  • Testing Method: Automatic
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • Form Factor: 17x5.2x11.8" (WxHxD)
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The Leakage Current Tester TOS3200 is designed to perform leakage current (touch current and protective conductor current) tests on general electrical equipment but not medical electrical equipment. It enables you to conduct tests that conform to the requirements of the applicable IEC, UL, JIS, and... [See More]

  • Display: DigitalMeter; GPIB; RS232; USB
  • Testing Method: Automatic; Independent
  • Input Voltage: 115 - 120 VAC; 220 - 240 VAC
  • Form Factor: 320 x 88 x 270 (mm)