Fluoride / MgF2 Thin Film Materials Datasheets

Engineered Materials -- Fluorides
from Materion Corporation

Aluminum Fluoride, AlF3. Barium Fluoride, BaF2. Calcium Fluoride, CaF2. Cerium Fluoride, CeF2. Cryolite, Na3AIF6. Lithium Fluoride, LiF. Magnesium Fluoride, MgF2. Potassium Fluoride, KF. Rare Earth Fluorides. Sodium Fluoride, NaF [See More]

  • Material: Metal Fluoride
  • Type: Precursor
Barium Fluoride BaF2 IR Coating
from Umicore Materials

Special Materials for Precision Optics & Laser Coatings - Fluorides and Special Materials for IR Coatings. BaF2 films with a refractive index n ~ 1.47 - 1.48 at 550 nm and ~ 1.33 - 1.42 at 10 μm can be produced from BaF2 granulate from boat or with e-gun. BaF2 source material from UMICORE... [See More]

  • Material: Metal Fluoride; Barium Fluoride
  • Applications: Optical Coatings
  • Type: EvapSource
  • Melting Temperature: 2336