Metalworking Superabrasives and Diamond Tools Datasheets

ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel -- 69014191904
from Norton Abrasives

ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking
  • Outer / OD: 3.75
  • Type: Discs; FlaringCup
  • Bore / Shank: 1.250
Diamond Honing Tools -- DH-Series
from Sunnen Products Company

Diamond Hone multi-stone are suitable for most materials and operations. The DH-Tools uses Sunnen Diamond StoneSets and PHTBrush Sets. Designed for use on Sunnen CV, CK, and SV10 series machines plus other major brands. These tools are perfect for bore diameters ranging from 70 to 140 mm (2.75 -... [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking
  • Type: Diamond
  • Type: HoneStick
  • Grit Size: 220 to 600
Diamond Hand Hones, Microfinishing Tools
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Diamond Hand Hones are made of the highest quality pure virgin diamond and come in two grits 200 and 400 for most finishing applications. The Diamond Hones are a metal bond and pricing is competitive to the Tetrabor Hand Hones. Shape Order Number Size H X W X L X OAL Grit. Flat 200 - Diamond... [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking
  • Type: Diamond
  • Type: HandHone
  • Grit Size: 200 to 400
The Flex-Hone® Tool -- BC 10mm
from Brush Research Manufacturing Co., Inc.

The BC Series Flex-Hone tool is designed for use on any type or size of cylinder from 4mm up to 3" in diameter. This cylinder hone is designed for surface finishing and cross hole deburring in brake cylinders, wheel cylinders, hydraulics, pneumatics and valve guides. Additional abrasive types and... [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking
EB Diamond Cluster Wheel -- EB4007880CLSF

Diamond Wheels for cleaning and grinding metal, fiberglass and more. Eco Brazing (EB) diamond cluster wheels from CS Unitec are designed for removing paint, rust and epoxy on metal. Also for high material removal on fiberglass, composites and plastics without loading up like traditional abrasives. [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking; Plastics or Composites
  • Outer / OD: 4.00
  • Type: Discs
  • Bore / Shank: 0.875
Resin Bonded Diamond Stones -- UMD Series
from DME Company

Resin Bonded Diamond Stone [See More]

  • Product / Material Abraded: Metalworking
  • Grit Size: 200 to 1000
  • Type: Diamond