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Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company
from Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company

Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company was founded in 1975 to provide armature coils, stator coils, and field service coils for the motor repair industry. We have grown to provide production quantities of OEM coils, repair or manufacture edgewound coils and large synchronous field coils. Swiger Coil... [See More]

  • Insulation: Nomex; Kapton; EpoxyCoating; Blends; Encapsulation; High Volts/Reliability; To Customer Design
  • Capabilities: ACMotors; DCMotors; Armature/Rotor; Stators; BrushMotors; BrushlessMotors; Coils/Bobbins; LaminationStacking; Clutch / Brake Coil; SolenoidCoil; Generators; Transformers; Inductors; Chokes; Specialty Windings
  • Company Information: Swiger Coil Systems, founded in 1975, provides armature, stator coils, field and edgewound coils for motor repair shops and OEMs. We repair traction motors and manufacture traction motors for both AC and DC. We also manufacture generators.
  • Applications: Aero/Avionics; Automotive; Automation; Industrial; Machine Tools; Marine; Medical; Military; Motor / Drives; Robotics; Power/Wind Generation