Form Factor:Other Semiconductor Metrology Instruments Datasheets

NWL200 Wafer Loading System
from Nikon Metrology

The NWL200 series is the first lineup of wafer loaders for inspection microscopes capable of loading 100 micron thin wafers. Thanks to a new chuck system, the NWL200 series achieves highly reliable loading suitable for inspection of next-generation semiconductors. Improved wafer-sensing functions... [See More]

  • Form Factor: ProbingSystem; Wafer Loading System
  • Technology: Optical / Imaging
  • Mounting / Loading: Floor
  • Applications: Wafer
IFG200 Fast Atom Bombardment Ion Gun
from Hiden Analytical

State of the art FAB / ion gun for surface and depth analysis applications [See More]

  • Form Factor: Ion Beam Gun
  • Applications: Wafer; CVD / PVD
  • Technology: FIB; Spectrometer (SIMS, XRF, FTIR, DLTS, AAS)
  • Measurements: Defects, dimples or film residues; Area mapping (optional feature); DepthProfiling
Mask Aligner -- 15912
from Unitron Ltd.

Modular microscope system that readily adapts to instrumentation [See More]

  • Form Factor: Mask Aligner
  • Applications: Wafer
  • Technology: Optical / Imaging
  • Features: Noncontact; Non-destructive
Motorized Linear Lens Changer -- LLC6
from WDI Wise Device Inc.

The LLC6 is a precise linear lens changer with 6 lens ports providing ultra fast, automatic lens changing without the need of re-qualifying the lens. It is the ideal tool for TFT-LCD and Photomask Inspection/Repair applications or other tasks where multiple optical magnifications are required. The... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Lens Changer
  • Features: Noncontact; Non-destructive
  • Applications: Wafer