Output Standard:Other Serial Data Converters Datasheets

8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input USB Module -- USB-4761
from Advantech

Compatible with 1.1/2.0. Portable. Bus-powered. 8 relay output channels and 8 isolated digital input channels. LED indicators to show activated relays. 8 Form C type relay output channels. High-voltage isolation on input channels (2,500 VDC). High ESD protection (2,000 VDC). Wide input range (5 ~ 30... [See More]

  • Output Interface: USB; Relay Output
  • Isolation Voltage: 2.5
  • Input Interface: Isolated Digital Input
  • Features: Indicators
4 Channel RS232 Interface Adapter -- Model HFS 1171
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

This 4 channel RS232 interface adapter is for use with the Series 1000 multiplexer. Up to 12 HFS 1171 cards may be placed in each Series 1000 multiplexer to provide for a total of 48 full duplex RS232 channels. The HFS 1171 Channel Card connects to Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) using the RS232... [See More]

  • Output Interface: RS232; DCE DB 25
  • Data Rate: 19.2
  • Input Interface: RS232; 37 PCN (DB 37 F)
  • Agency Approvals: FCC
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to HDMI Dual Monitor External Video Graphics Card Adapter, 512 MB SDRAM - 2048x1152,1080p -- U344-001-HDMI-R
from Tripp Lite

Connect a HDMI TV to a computers USB 3.0 port. Supports video resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 (60Hz), 1080p (60Hz). Supports Aero themes in Windows. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 compatible. Overview. Tripp Lite's U344-001-HDMI-R, USB 3.0 to HDMI Display Adapter allows you to connect an additional... [See More]

  • Output Interface: HDMI
  • Input Interface: USB
CAN Converters and Repeaters
from Advantech B+B SmartWorx

Fiber optic cable offers natural resistance to EMI/RFI noise and surges that commonly interfere with electrical networks on factory floors and in industrial environments. View and compare our copper to fiber converters below. Click on each model for a photo and see the Details, Specs, and Download... [See More]

  • Output Interface: Fiber
  • Data Rate: 250
  • Input Interface: CAN
  • Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 70
Serial /Parallel Converter -- SXP-320A
from Custom Sensors, Inc.

Model: SXP-320A. Serial / Parallel Converter. DESCRIPTION: · Easy to Install and operate. · DIP switch for direction setting. · Both hardware and XON/XOFF handshaking. · Compact size [See More]

  • Output Interface: Parallel or Serial
  • Data Rate: 1.2 to 922
  • Input Interface: Serial or Parallel
Industrial Communications -- MDS™ iNET Series
from GE Digital Energy

The MDS iNET Series is an industrial wireless solution that provides long distance, unlicensed communications allowing users to interface with Ethernet and serial controllers. Comprised of the iNET 900 and iNET-II, the iNET Series offers the best balance of speed and range to enable a wide variety... [See More]

  • Output Interface: Wireless
  • Features: Indicators
  • Input Interface: RS232; Ethernet
  • Agency Approvals: FCC; CSA Mark (US, NRTL/C); UL Listing Mark
USB to I2C Converter -- K-404T
from Keller America, Inc.

Interface converter with 5-pin TO-socket (on glass feedthrough). • Supply via USB for one connected final consumer. (U-Out = 3,3 VDC / I-Outmax = 50 mA). • Internal Pull-up resistances to SDA and SCL, EOC not connected. • Short-circuit proof, no galvanic isolation. • Total... [See More]

  • Output Interface: I2C
  • Input Interface: USB
from Kontron USA

Scarcely larger than a standard IEEE 488 connector, the MICRO488/P is the smallest serial to IEEE 488 controller on the market. The MICRO488/P package includes a DOS based utility program that allows you to instantly verify its operation, as well as communicate with instruments attached to the bus. [See More]

  • Output Interface: IEEE 488
  • Input Interface: RS232; RS422; RS485
Bi-Directional Parallel Converter -- Model 2030
from Patton Electronics Co.

The Patton Model 2030 RS-232/423 to IEEE-1284 Bi-Directional Parallel Converter lets you connect asynchronous RS-232/423 serial hardware to a printer or other device equipped with an IEEE-1284 bi-directional parallel interface. Able to work in either Level 1 Compatible or Nibble modes (according to... [See More]

  • Output Interface: IEEE-1285
  • Data Rate: 115
  • Input Interface: RS232; RS-423
  • Agency Approvals: FCC; CE Conformity; RoHS (optional feature); WEEE (optional feature)
Bristol Babcock Serial Slave Module -- MVI46-BSAPS
from ProSoft Technology, Inc.

The MVI46-BSAPS module acts as an input/output module between the BSAP network and the Rockwell Automation backplane. The module acts as a slave receiving commands from a BSAP master device. The data transfer from the SLC processor is asynchronous from the actions on the BSAP network. An internal... [See More]

  • Output Interface: Bristol Babcock Serial
  • Data Rate: 115
  • Input Interface: Allen Bradley
  • Features: Indicators