Supply Voltage:Other Logic Decoders and Demultiplexers Datasheets

DS Series Encoder/Decoder IC -- LICAL-EDC-DS001
from Linx Technologies

The new DS Series Encoder/Decoder IC from Linx makes it simple to add a robust serial protocol with the ease of DIP switch addressing. The DS lets users set up to 1,022 unique addresses for communication between devices, similar to older Holtek ® products, but with a stable serial protocol. [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 1.2V; 1.5V; 1.8V; 2.5V; 3V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 5V; -0.3-6.5VDC
  • Package Type: SSOP
  • Function: Decoder
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
74AC11138 3-Line to 8-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers -- 74AC11138D
from Texas Instruments

3-Line to 8-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers 16-SOIC -40 to 85 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3V; 5.5
  • Input Lines: 3
  • Function: Decoder/Demultiplexer
  • Output Lines: 8
Quadrature Decoder IC -- HCTL-2022
from Avago Technologies

The HCTL-2022 is CMOS ICs that perform the quadrature decoder, counter, and bus interface function. The HCTL-2022 is designed to improve system performance in digital closed loop motion control systems and digital data input systems. It does this by shifting time intensive quadrature decoder... [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 5V; 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Input Lines: 2
  • Function: Decoder
  • Output Lines: 8
Monolithic LVCMOS Manchester Decoder -- 3D3522
from Data Delay Devices, Inc.

FEATURES. • All-silicon, low-power CMOS. technology. • 3.3V operation. • CMOS compatible inputs and. outputs. • Vapor phase, IR and wave. solderable. • Low ground bounce noise. • Maximum data rate: 50 MBaud. • Data rate range: ±15%. • Lock-in time: 1... [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 1.2V; 1.5V; 1.8V; 2.5V; 3V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 5V; -0.3V to 7V
  • Package Type: SOIC
  • Function: Decoder
  • Logic Family: CMOS
1-of-16 Decoder/Demultiplexer -- 54154/J,K
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

The 5400/7400 series of transistor-transistor logic consists of medium speed TTL integrated circuits. This high noise immunity family was designed for general digital logic applications requiring clock frequencies to 30MHz and switching speeds in the 12-15 ns range under moderate capacitive loading. [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 7 V
  • Input Lines: 1
  • Function: Decoder/Demultiplexer
  • Output Lines: 16