Caulking Tube Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Datasheets

Cox EA150M Multi-Ratio Manual Gun 300 mL -- EA150M
from Ellsworth Adhesives

Cox EA150M Manual Dual Component Applicator is used for low to medium viscosity materials and features a catch plate, support strap, and replaceable parts. It has a mix ratio of 1:1 for 150 mL x 150 mL and 2:1 for 150 mL x 75 mL cartridges. [See More]

  • Dispensed From: CaulkingTube
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only; Mix And Dispense
Ratchet Rod Caulk Gun -- 46410 [46410 from Hyde Manufacturing Company]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Sturdy, painted-steel frame resists corrosion, quick-release thumb lever [See More]

  • Dispensed From: CaulkingTube; GunHandle
  • Dispensing Application: Bead
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: HandHeld