Application / Operation:Other Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems Datasheets

from Cleaning Technologies Group

Uses oil collection and discharge tube, floating pick-up head [See More]

  • Operation: Oil Control
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Filtration System or Oil Separator; Pump
  • Machine Type: Degreaser; Aqueous Cleaning System; Oil Control System; Oil Control; (Component)
  • Source: Electric
Model RN Static Bar -- 13003
from Nex Flow Air Products Corp.

The HAUG RN ionizing bars is a powerful and rugged piece of equipment. Its construction satisfies all technical requirements and it has proven its value repeatedly in the removal of electrostatic charges during roll, sheet and web (continuous product) processing. Production interfering surface... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Static Removal
  • Machine Type: Web Cleaner
Proceco Aircraft Wheel Washer -- Typhoon AWW
from Proceco Ltd.

The Typhoon ®AWW aircraft wheel cleaning system is designed to clean up to 30 aircraft wheel hubs of any size in an 8-hour shift (1 wheel every 16 min.). This unique parts washer uses the latest aqueous cleaning technology complying with environmental regulations, to remove grease, rubber... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning Enhanced with Abrasives; Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Degreasing; Aircraft Wheel
  • Components: Brushes; Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Filtration System or Oil Separator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Heater; Pump; Choice Of Options
  • Machine Type: Pressure Spray Washer; Aqueous Cleaning System; Heated Cleaning Solution; Carbon Removal; (CompleteSystem); (Component) (optional feature)
  • Temperature: 140
Ultrasonic Bath -- UR 1
from Retsch, Inc.

RETSCH's product range includes three sizes of ultrasonic baths for cleaning test sieves and grinding tools quickly and easily. UR 1 is for test sieves up to 203 mm dia., UR 2 for test sieves up to 400 mm dia., and the UR 3 for the simultaneous cleaning of up to 5 test sieves 200/203 mm dia. The... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Homogenization, Dispersion, Degassing
  • Components: Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub
  • Machine Type: Ultrasonic Cleaner; Aqueous Cleaning System; (CompleteSystem)
  • Frequency: 35
Agitating Parts Washer Model 81 -- Part # 45
from Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Air-operated platform lowers for soaking & agitating soiled parts [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Degreasing; Industrial and Automotive Facilities
  • Components: Brushes; Mechanical Agitator or Vibrator; Pump
  • Machine Type: Degreaser; Solvent or Solvent Vapor Cleaning System; (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 77