Features:Other Humidifiers (industrial) Datasheets

Gas-fired Steam Outdoor -- Model GSTC 500 Outdoor
from Nortec

Designed for quality economical installations, can be configured to use natural gas or propane gas energy. Utilizing a pre-mix, variable speed, blower and a negative pressure gas regulating valve, an ideal fuel air mixture is maintained, providing the highest possible combustion efficiency, at all... [See More]

  • Features: Diagnostics; Integral Control Panel; Linkable Units; Self Contained; Water Skimmer; Remote Fault
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 240
  • Placement: Free Standing
  • Capacity: 25 to 525
Mobile Humidifier -- ES100M
from Smart Fog

Bring portability to your commercial humidifier needs. The ES100 mobile is a complete plug and play mobile humidification and disinfection system that ’s perfect for on-the-go applications. Using our fully automated energy efficient ES100 System specially designed for simple installation &... [See More]

  • Features: Self Contained; Disinfect/sanitize with Any Water Dissolving Chemical
  • Control Tolerance: 1
  • Placement: Free Standing; Portable
  • General Technology: Nozzle; Smart Fog® AirNet Technology (Equal droplet spacing)