End Fittings:Other Ultrasonic Flow Meters Datasheets

Dynasonics™ Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meters -- Series UFX
from Badger Meter

Series UFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed pipe, liquid systems. UFX requires that the liquid be either solids-bearing or aerated at a minimum of 100 ppm. The product utilizes a single, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of metal... [See More]

  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 to ?
  • End Fittings: Hand Held
  • Mounting: Non-Invasive
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Water And Wastewater -- UFM 800 C
from KROHNE Messtechnik

Efficient flow measurement and volume counting of all types of water and wastewater in closed pipelines or in open channels and raceways. Weld-in sensors for metal pipelines (W, also with Hot Tapping). Built-on or built-in sensors for open channels (C). Advantages. No constriction of the pipe... [See More]

  • Pipe Diameter: 157.48 to 314.96
  • End Fittings: Weld-in
  • Mounting: Insertion
  • Process Media Type: Liquid; Gas
100-90604 - LEVIFLOW Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Z-Tube, 0-4 LPM, 3/8" OD -- GO-32504-00
from Cole-Parmer

Ultrasonic Flowmeter [See More]

  • End Fittings: 3/8"
  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Operating Pressure: 72.5
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 140
Electromagnetic Flowmeter -- 2400 Series
from Litre Meter Limited

Hygienic electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner [See More]

  • Pipe Diameter: 0.98 to 2.95
  • End Fittings: In-line Clamp (optional feature); Compression (optional feature); Tube End/Hose Nipple (optional feature); Sanitary
  • Mounting: In-line
  • Process Media Type: Liquid