Assembly - Plunger / Pogo Electrical Contacts

Contact Probe -- NP16

Probe and receptacle are one unit [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Assembly; Pin; Plunger; Socket or Receptacle
  • Base / Spring Metal: Copper / Copper Alloy
  • Contact Material: Steel; Base Metal
  • Plating / Coating: Gold; Nickel
ODU Single Contact -- Lamella™ Contact
from ODU-USA, Inc.

Recently ODU introduced the Lamella ™ contact as a more cost effective alternative to the Springtac ™. The Lamella ™ contact is capable of mating and de-mating up to 5000 cycles. As versatile as the Springtac ™, the new Lamella ™ contact technology delivers a... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Pin (optional feature); Plunger; Socket or Receptacle (optional feature)
  • Base / Spring Metal: CuBe (optional feature); Copper / Copper Alloy
  • Contact Material: Base Metal
  • Plating / Coating: Silver