Applications:Other DC Power Systems Datasheets

Radyne TFD Induction Power Supply
from Inductotherm Group

The TFD induction power supply is the second generation of transistorized power supplies. Optimized for performance. The performance of the TFD induction power supply series tuned output circuit is easily matched to the working load by selecting the appropriate output tapping and amount of... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; Heating
  • Output Power: 50000 to 600000
OPUS C Series DC Power System -- OPUS C 110-19.2C
from Efore, Inc.

OPUS C 110-19.2 C delivers uninterrupted DC power to demanding industrial, automation, telecom and datacom applications. Maximum output power is 19.2 kW at 110 VDC. OPUS C 110-19.2 C is a compactly integrated DC power system using MRC 110-1600 convection cooled rectifiers and a comprehensive VIDI... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; Semiconductor / Thin Film; Telecommunications; Industrial
  • Style: Module; Floor Mount
  • Output Power: 19200
  • Voltage: 189-265 VDC, 110 VDC Nominal
DC Power Supply Model AX502 (Dual Outputs 0 to 2.5A; 0 to 30V DC) -- AEMC-AX502
from L-com, Inc.

The Model AX502 offers dual 30V outputs. It provides the ability to display both voltage and current for each output. The Model AX502 offers a unique master/slave tracking arrangement whereby the ratio between the master and slave can be setup on the fly as needed during the test. Adjusting the... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; Laboratory and Education
  • Style: Module
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Voltage: +0.75 V; +1.0 V; +1.5 V; +1.8 V; +2.5 V; +3.3 V; +5 V; +12 V; +15 V; +24 V; +28V; +30 V
HiFlex Plug and Play DC Power Supply -- 1000 / 1600 Watts
from LHV Power

Description: The Hi-Flex Series of modular power supplies consists of two input power chassis that can be configured with a wide selection of 48 DC Output Modules for millions of possible output voltage combinations ranging from 1.5~60VDC. The flexibilit of these products eliminate the need for... [See More]

  • Application: Medical; OEM Systems
  • Number of Outputs: 8
  • Output Power: 1600
  • Style: Module
Rectifier -- CP2000AC54PE
from Lineage Power

The Compact Power Line is a complete 1U high distributed power system of rectifier modules offer a power solution to meet all of your end-application needs. The CP Series utilizes the latest, cost optimized technology to provide a regulated single output voltages of -54Vdc. Packaged in a... [See More]

  • Application: Telecommunications; Testing Equipment; Wireless
  • Style: Module; Rack Mount
  • Output Power: 2000
  • Voltage: 54
DC Power Module -- CA07KAD Series
from Mega Electronics, Inc.

Single and dual output models, internal input filter, high efficiency, DIP [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; General Purpose
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Output Power: 7.6
  • Voltage: +3.3 V; +5 V; +12 V; -12 V; +15 V; -15 V; +24 V
Industrial Modular DC Power -- SHARYS IP SYSTEM

The SHARYS IP series have been designed with the objective of reliable DC supply. Advantages A modular and flexible range. • Expandable according to future requirements. Upgradeability. • Expandable according to future requirements by adding additional rectifier modules. Reliability and... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation; Industrial
  • Style: Floor Mount
  • Output Power: 14400
  • Voltage: +24 V; +48 V; 108V, 120V
Camera Power Supply Distribution Unit -- EP1362
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; Lightweight. • Efficiency >80% at Full Load. • Status/BITE monitoring. using FPGA ’s. • Digital Interface. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 28 VDC Input (Transients to 57V). ¨ Outputs 12~15VDC @ 40W, 3V3 @ 40W,. ¨ Solid State distribution to 11 outputs with Soft... [See More]

  • Application: Airborne
  • Number of Outputs: 11
  • Output Power: 40
  • Voltage: 12~15 V DC @ 40W, 3V3 @ 40W