DC Output Voltage:Other DC Power Systems Datasheets

Acopian Custom Power Supply System Builder
from Acopian Power Supplies

We have thousands of power supply models, but if you can't find what you need in our standard stand alone models, we can fill your needs with one of our Power Systems. (We can also easily modify power supplies to meet customer requirements.). Simply ‘check ’ or fill in whichever items... [See More]

  • Voltage: 0-30 kV
  • Number of Outputs: 1 to 60
  • Output Power: 2400
  • Style: Rack Mount; Wall Mount; Floor Mount
DC Power Shelf -- DCPS-Shelf-6KW
from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

Eagle Eye's DCPS-Shelf-6KW is a simple, cost competitive power shelf for telecom and network applications. With an optional control module and independent IEC AC input plugs dedicated for each module, it is ideal for in-building wireless systems. The DCPS-Shelf-6KW is designed for an active radio... [See More]

  • Voltage: -54 VDC (adjustable: -43.5 to -58 V)
  • Style: Rack Mount
  • Output Power: 6000
  • Minimum: 111
Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply -- DR-UPS40 Series 40 Watt
from Total Power International, Inc.

Battery controller for DIN Rail UPS system. Parallel connection to DC BUS. Suitable for 24V system up to 40A. Installed on DIN Rail TS35 / 7.5 or 15. Built-in battery test function. Battery polarity protection. Relay contact signal output and LED indicator for DC BUS OK,. Battery Fail, and Battery... [See More]

  • Voltage: 21 - 29V
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Style: Module
  • Maximum: 40
1.5kW Power Supply -- NDRM-430
from Dongah Elecomm

1.5kW Power Supply Module for High Density Applications [See More]

  • Voltage: (-40 to -58 VDC)
  • Line Regulation: 5
  • Style: Module
  • Load Regulation: 5
EIPS Industrial -CS DC Power System -- 95M815
from Efore, Inc.

Convection cool, advanced battery management, terminal based communication [See More]

  • Voltage: 110/125 VDC
  • Style: Floor Mount
  • Output Power: 1.8 to 14.4
  • Phase  : Single-Phase
HiFlex Plug and Play DC Power Supply -- 1000 / 1600 Watts
from LHV Power

Description: The Hi-Flex Series of modular power supplies consists of two input power chassis that can be configured with a wide selection of 48 DC Output Modules for millions of possible output voltage combinations ranging from 1.5~60VDC. The flexibilit of these products eliminate the need for... [See More]

  • Voltage: +0.75 V (optional feature); +1.0 V (optional feature); +1.5 V (optional feature); +1.8 V (optional feature); +2.5 V (optional feature); +3.3 V (optional feature); +5 V (optional feature); -5 V (optional feature); +12 V (optional feature); -12 V (optional feature); +15 V (optional feature); -15 V (optional feature); +24 V (optional feature); -24 V (optional feature); +28V (optional feature); -28 V (optional feature); +30 V (optional feature); -30 V (optional feature); +48 V (optional feature); -48 V (optional feature); 26 Modules from 1.5V to 60V
  • Number of Outputs: 8
  • Output Power: 1600
  • Style: Module
Rectifier -- CP2000AC54PE
from Lineage Power

The Compact Power Line is a complete 1U high distributed power system of rectifier modules offer a power solution to meet all of your end-application needs. The CP Series utilizes the latest, cost optimized technology to provide a regulated single output voltages of -54Vdc. Packaged in a... [See More]

  • Voltage: 54
  • Style: Module; Rack Mount
  • Output Power: 2000
  • Maximum: 37
Industrial Modular DC Power -- SHARYS IP SYSTEM

The SHARYS IP series have been designed with the objective of reliable DC supply. Advantages A modular and flexible range. • Expandable according to future requirements. Upgradeability. • Expandable according to future requirements by adding additional rectifier modules. Reliability and... [See More]

  • Voltage: +24 V; +48 V; 108V, 120V
  • Style: Floor Mount
  • Output Power: 14400
  • Minimum: 15
Airborne DASS Power Supply Unit -- EP1338
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; Using Standard Modules. • 6 week Development Cycle. to Delivery. • BITE Capacity. • Over Voltage Protection. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 28 V DC Input. ¨ Multiple Outputs +3V DC @ 10A, -5V DC @ 1.5A, +12V Dc @ 0.5A, -12V DC @. 0.2A, +15V DC @ 3.6A, -15V DC @ 1.6A. ¨... [See More]

  • Voltage: +3V DC @ 10A, -5V DC @ 1.5A, +12V Dc @ 0.5A, -12V DC @ 0.2A, +15V DC @ 3.6A, -15V DC @ 1.6A
  • Minimum: 0.2000
  • Style: Module; Surface Mount utilised
  • Maximum: 10
Outdoor 48V DC power system -- ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) / ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0)
from ZTE Corporation

ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) and ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0) are outdoor DC power systems, which can provide -53.5V DC power for communications equipment. ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) is equipped with Four ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide 12kW output. ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0) is equipped with Six ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide... [See More]

  • Voltage: +48 V; -53.5V
  • Voltage: 85 V to 295 V
  • Style: Floor Mount
  • Application: Computer; Telecommunications