Components:Other Process Equipment and System Integration Services Datasheets

Eaton Corporation
from Eaton

Lab & Pilot Plant Services. Eaton's filtration lab technicians can analyze customer-submitted samples and identify the suspended solids and particle size distribution in their process liquids. This capability allows us to take the guesswork out of which filtration technology will work best in... [See More]

  • Components: Vessels; Pressure Filters; Strainers; Housings
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Component; Design; Installation; Repair; Inspection; Maintanance; Training; Rental Units, Laboratory Services
  • Company Information: Eaton Corporation is a world-leader in liquid filtration solutions for industrial applications. They deliver a portfolio of fine filtration technology systems with sales, laboratory, and engineering support spanning the globe.
  • Process: Filtration; Reactor
Sterling Systems & Controls
from Sterling Systems & Controls

Systems Design & Integration. System Implementation and Management. System Design and Process Development. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. specializes in delivering integrated automation, process and control systems for a wide range of industries that include agriculture, aggregate, bakery,... [See More]

  • Components: Controllers; Heaters; Mixers; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Tanks; Valves; Bulk Solids Processing Systems
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Component; Design; Installation; Inspection; Maintanance
  • Company Information: Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers over 40 years of experience in providing efficient solutions for batching, micro, minor and bulk weighing systems, as well as plant automation.
  • Process: Mixing; Filtration; Injection; Milling; Reactor; Batching; Weighing; Bag Unloading
Artisan Industries, Inc.
from Artisan Industries, Inc.

Artisan ’s thin/wiped-film technology minimizes residence time, improves heat and mass transfer and reduces operating cost for evaporation, stripping and distillation processes. We streamline complex, multi –step processes by decreasing the number of unit operations and by reducing waste... [See More]

  • Components: Columns; Controllers; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Tanks; Distillation Trays
  • Services: CompleteSystem
  • Company Information: Artisan's integrated teams of engineers and manufacturing professionals have solved hundreds of process problems, designed dozens of patented technologies, and improved productivity for several thousand customers at companies around the world.
  • Process: Condensation; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation; Filtration; Stripping
Ascension Industries, Inc.
from Ascension Industries, Inc.

Custom Fabrication. Modular Design & Fabrication. Complete, assembled, and tested industrial equipment. From design to turnkey manufacturing, Ascension Industries offers a full range of capabilities to produce skid-mounted process systems, simulators, machine assemblies and more. Structural... [See More]

  • Components: Piping; Vessels; Custom Build as Required
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Design; Repair
  • Company Information: Ascension specializes in OEM turnkey contact assembly of industrial process equipment. From prototype to complex design, we provide engineering and design support. Welding, machining, electrical, in house testing. Industrial liquid filtration equipment.
  • Process: Filtration; Milling
GIG Karasek, LLC
from GIG Karasek, LLC

Successfully thermally separating. Whether separation due to the boiling point, freezing point, or by sublimation due to the solubility we have the solution for you. Therefore, GIG Karasek is a leader in evaporation technologies, a major player when it comes to Thin Film and Short Path technology... [See More]

  • Components: Columns; Exchangers; Heaters; Mixers; Vessels; Separators; Evaporators
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Design; Installation; Inspection; Maintanance; Process Development / Research and Development
  • Company Information: GIG Karasek LLC Provides testing, development & Modular Plants combining InCon Process Systems and GIG Karasek GmbH. Bringing 20 years of processing, plant design, operation and construction experience as the world leader in Thin Film Evaporator.
  • Process: Mixing; Crystallization; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation
InCon Processing LLC
from InCon Process Systems

Equipment & Systems Technology. WE DELIVER YOUR COMMERCIAL SYSTEM. Using InCon ’s process knowledge and GIG Karasek's process and internationally acclaimed fabrication expertise, we will design, fabricate, test, deliver, and startup your system. GIG Karasek, the world ’s largest thin... [See More]

  • Components: Columns; Controllers; Exchangers; Heaters; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Separators; Tanks; Short Path & Wiped Film Evaporators
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Installation; Repair; Evaporation and Distillation Systems
  • Company Information: InCon is a recognized leader in the design, development, piloting, synthesis, and manufacture of Specialty Chemicals. Using our manufacturing expertise, we provide these Processing Systems in Molecular Distillation, Short Path & Wiped Film Evaporation.
  • Process: Condensation; Crystallization; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation; Filtration
Mar Cor Purification
from Mar Cor Purification

Service deionization is a portable DI and carbon exchange service that allows customers to produce high purity water in an economical manner. A typical SDI system includes a carbon tank and ion exchange resin tanks which are designed and configured to meet your requirements for water quantity,... [See More]

  • Components: Mixers; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Separators; Valves; RO; EDI; Filters; UV; DI; UF; Sterilants
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Component; Design; Installation; Repair; Inspection; Maintanance; Training
  • Company Information: With over 75 years of combined company experience and backed by their parent company, Cantel Medical Corp., Mar Cor Purification is ideally suited to lead the way in the filtration, water, and disinfection technology marketplace.
  • Process: Filtration; Injection; Water Treatment / Purification
Project Services Group, Inc.
from Project Services Group, Inc.

Engineering & Systems Integration. Our engineering team will take your project from initial concept, through design, manufacturing and systems integration. We can bring solutions to any part of your production, from just a single component to complete systems development. The manufacturing... [See More]

  • Components: Columns; Controllers; Exchangers; Heaters; Mixers; Piping; Vessels; Pumps; Separators; Tanks; Valves; Blenders
  • Services: CompleteSystem; Component; Design; Installation; Repair; Inspection; Maintanance; Training; Plant Layout
  • Company Information: Project Services Group, Inc. is a systems integration engineering firm with expertise in the food and beverage industry. PSG manufactures material handling, conveying,processing and packaging equipment. Our engineering team will take your project from ini
  • Process: Mixing; Combustion; Condensation; Distillation; Drying; Evaporation; Filtration; Injection; Melting