Immersion System Degreasers and Degreasing Equipment Datasheets

Grease Monkey Plus -- GMP-3122
from Cleaning Technologies Group

Automotive parts washer, solvent free, high performance [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Heated Cleaning Solution; Agitated Immersion or Scrub Tank; Ultrasonic Cleaner; (CompleteSystem)
  • Tank Capacity: 92
  • Components: Mechanical Agitator or Vibrator; Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Heater; Filtration System or Oil Separator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Ultrasonic Generator; Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Frequency: 40
Heavy Duty, Low Maintenance Immersion Washing and Processing Machine -- Aja Lif
from Magnus Equipment

Overview. Type: Immersion washing and processing. Mechanically agitates parts in a chemical solution. Process: Aqueous or solvent. Load Capacity: 2200 lbs. standard with heavier load capacities available. Material Handling: Manual transfer [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Agitated Immersion or Scrub Tank (optional feature)
Custom Designed Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
from Proceco Ltd.

Proceco pre-engineered modular platforms allow remarkable flexibility for customizing systems and parts washers to your specific requirements. Base modules can be combined to incorporate a variety of cleaning actions such as power spray, immersion, rotation with immersion, power flush,... [See More]

  • Process & Machine Type: Agitated Immersion or Scrub Tank (optional feature); Pressure Spray Washer