Centronics Connector Gender Changers Datasheets

Mini Gender Changer -- 31C1-10100
from CableWholesale.com

CN36 male / CN36 male, mini gender changer, changes gender of CN36 cable [See More]

  • Connector Type: Centronics; CN36
  • Number of Contacts: 36
  • Gender Change: MM
PotCon™ Miniature Circular Connector PBTP -- 24318
from Douglas Electrical Components

The PotCon line of hermetic feedthroughs incorporates standard connectors and/or wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. This line features disconnectable connectors at the pressure/vacuum interface as well as the ATM interface which allow for easy mating and unmating during install. Seal... [See More]

  • Connector Type: Centronics (optional feature); D-Sub (optional feature); DIN (optional feature); 4 Ways (optional feature); 6 Ways (optional feature); BNC (optional feature); MCX (optional feature); MHV (optional feature); MMCX (optional feature); Type N (optional feature); QMA (optional feature); RCA (optional feature); RJ11 (optional feature); RJ45 (optional feature); SMA (optional feature); SMB (optional feature); SMC (optional feature); SSMA (optional feature); SSMB (optional feature); SMP (optional feature); TNC (optional feature); Triax (optional feature); Twinax (optional feature); Mini UHF (optional feature); A (optional feature); B (optional feature); 2.4mm (optional feature); 3.5mm (optional feature)
  • Number of Contacts: 4
  • Gender Change: MM (optional feature); MF (optional feature); FF (optional feature)
  • RoHS Compliant: RoHS (optional feature)
CN36 F/F Mini Gender Changer (Coupler) -- 10GC-J3
from SFCable.com

Save money and hassle of having to buy a new cable for each new application.With these changers, you'll be able to use your existing Centronics cables by altering the port connection on your device or cable. This Centronic 36 Female/ Female gender changer converts a male cable or port into female. [See More]

  • Connector Type: Centronics