Oxygen and Oxides:Other Laboratory and Calibration Gases Datasheets

Chlorine Dioxide Calibration Gas Kit and Replacement Gas Bottle -- 07-3004
from Mil-Ram Technology, Inc.

Calibration Gas Kits and Replacement Gas Bottles. Kits include cal cup, hose, gas bottle, regulator and carry case [See More]

  • Industrial Gases: Chlorine Dioxide
  • Product Form: Bulk Gaseous
  • Composition: Trace Gas
  • Supply Options: Cylinder Gaseous
Disposable Permeation Tube -- Trace Source™ ELHRT - C2H5OCl
from Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc.

Used for generating moderate concentrations of low vapor pressure compounds such as C2H5SH, benzene, and water, and for generating high concentration mixtues of SO2, CH,3SH and other moderate vapor pressure compounds. Typical emission rate is 1 to 10 ppm, depending on the compound and the operating... [See More]

  • Industrial Gases: Chloromethyl methyl ether
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Composition: Pure
  • Supply Options: Permeation Tube; Disposable; Lab Certified