Capabilities:Other Foam Fabrication Services Datasheets

Elasto Proxy Inc.
from Elasto Proxy Inc.

Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates foam rubber parts for a variety of applications. We source foam rubber materials that meet all of your requirements, and then use our water jet cutting machine to cut foam insulation up to 4" thick. Examples of foam parts we've produced include foam grips for hospital... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Contour; Die Cutting; Finished Product; Foam Felting; Welding; Laminating; Molding; Slitting; Thermal Forming; Jet Machining; Custom Fabricating
  • Foam Material: Polyester; Polyether; Polyethylene; Polystyrene; Polyurethane; Cross-linked PE; Melamine Foam
  • Company Information: Elasto Proxy designs and custom fabricates specialty seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration dampening products and materials, EMI shielding, and other high-quality industrial rubber products and plastic parts.
  • Foam Type: OpenCell; ClosedCell; Flexible/Soft; Rigid; Reticulated; Syntactic
TMP Technologies, Inc.
from TMP Technologies, Inc.

TMP Technologies specializes in foam conversion, as well as the fabrication and assembly of close tolerance, engineered components utilizing various materials. Our manufacturing facilities encompass more than 148,000 square feet and feature advanced process equipment and machinery operating in... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Contour; Convolutions; Die Cutting; Finished Product; Hot Wire; Laminating; Routing; Slitting; Jet Machining; Profile Forming
  • Foam Material: Polyurethane
  • Company Information: TMP Technologies, Inc. is a recognized supplier and converter of high performance polyurethane foam including a proprietary hydrophillic-formulation Capu-Cell®. They specialize in fabrication, assembly, impregnation, packaging and more.
  • Foam Type: OpenCell