Zirconia (e.g., Norzon®) Abrasive Compounds and Abrasive Slurries Datasheets

Zirconium Oxide
from Ferro Corporation-Electronic Material Systems

Particle size, density, morphology can be controlled to meet customer needs [See More]

  • Compound / Abrasive Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Form: Powder
  • Type: CMP / Wafer Planarization
  • Materials / Substrates Finished: Ophthalmic or Optical; Wafers, Electronic, and Semiconductor Materials
Nano Zirconia Polishing Slurry -- 9839180NM
from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials has developed an aqueous slurry for nano zirconia in which the fundamental crystal size is approx. 180 nm. Nano Zirconia Polishing Slurry is intended for polishing of a variety of optical materials. The slurry is comprised of zirconium oxide particles (monoclinic and... [See More]

  • Compound / Abrasive Type: Alumina Zirconia
  • Form: Slurry
  • Type: Polishing
  • Grading System: Micron Graded