Hand Held / Portable Industrial Metal Detectors

Magnetic Inspection Probe
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI's PROBE magnetic inspection tools allow quality assurance people to inspect incoming or outgoing material/batches/shipments for ferrous metal contamination. They are used to determine if ferrous particles exist in non-ferrous material. This extremely powerful Rare Earth magnetic tool captures... [See More]

  • Detector Type: Hand Held
  • Display: None
  • Capabilities: Non-Magnetic
  • Application: Logging / Wood; OEM / Industrial; Plastic / Rubber; Wood Fibers
HandyTec® Hand-Held Metal Detector -- MD-173C
from Eriez

Ideal for hand held use with shallow layers of materials. The HandyTec ® Model HH-10 is able to pinpoint small pieces of metal contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product. When used downstream of an in-line metal detector, it can help find the exact location once a detection has... [See More]

  • Detector Type: Hand Held
  • Sensitivity: 1 to 2
  • Capabilities: Non-Ferrous; Non-Magnetic
  • Sensing Width / Diameter: 0.3000 to 1.1