Ethernet Pressure Instruments Datasheets

GE Druck DPI 142 Barometric Indicator
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

The DPI 142 represents the latest developments in sensing and microprocessor technologies, including the company's resonant micro machined silicon sensor, contained within a highly compact bench or panel-mounting instrument. Extremely competitively priced and simple to use, the DPI 142 delivers a... [See More]

  • Signal Output: RS232/485; Ethernet
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter
  • Material: Gas
Model 200
from DigiVac

The DIGIVAC Model 200 is our best seller, and the industry's best value for a rugged vacuum gauge for measuring through 6 decades of wide range rough vacuum. This unit measures vacuum in Torr and uses the rugged Varian 531 thermocouple vacuum gauge tube. The gauge controller is housed in a... [See More]

  • Signal Output: Analog Voltage (optional feature); RS232/485 (optional feature); Ethernet (optional feature); Optional Printer Out
  • Sensor Technology: Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute; Sealed; Vacuum