Dicing Electronic and IC Packaging Services Datasheets

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company
from Advanced Technical Ceramics Company

AdTech prides itself on being the innovation leader in the ceramic package business. Co-fired ceramic technology was invented in our Chattanooga facility over 35 years ago, and numerous patents have been issued over the years. Today, the company remains the leading US-owned non-captive supplier of... [See More]

  • Backend Processing: Soldering / Pasting; Hermetic Sealing; Dicing
  • Type: BGA; MCM; LCCC; Custom Pin Grid Arrays
  • Company Information: AdTech Ceramics has 30+ years of multilayer ceramic (MLC) manufacturing and 15+ years of AlN Multilayer technology experience, and offers microwave modeling and design and developmental partnerships.
  • Material: Ceramic; Co-fired Metal Ceramic Packages