Flat Pack Electronic and IC Packaging Services Datasheets

from Fusite

Thunderline-Z's expert engineering team knows the unique science of designing and manufacturing for hermeticity. We can produce highly customized packages for high frequency and fiber optic electronics with any combination of feedthrus, press-on connectors, tubes, and multi-pin headers. [See More]

  • Mounting: SMount; FPack; Aluminum Solder Packages
  • Backend Processing: Soldering / Pasting; Hermetic Sealing
  • Company Information: Fusite has been a leader in the glass-to-metal hermetic seal business for over 70 years, and has been a part of Emerson Electric for over 40 years. Fusite is bolstered by the strength and financial stability of Emerson, a diversified global manufacturer.
  • Testing Services: Electrical / Functional Testing; Thermal Testing