Industry & Application:Other Protective Liners and Lining Systems Datasheets

from DeWAL

DeWAL Industries has led the industry in skiving thin gauge UHMW-PE film (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). Employing skiving equipment developed in house, we continue to push the envelope of technology to assure the highest quality film available today. DeWAL UHMW (DW402) is used in a... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; Manufacturing; Military / Aerospace; Plastic; HDPE / UHMW PE; Pipes / Piping; Hose
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape; Casing
  • Function: Wear; Non-Slip
Wear Protection Parts
from H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group

Applications: Engineering sandblast systems, mills, stirring units, reactors, pumps and moulding presses. Materials: SSiC, SiSiC, Si3N4, ZrO2, Al2O3. Advantages: high abrasion-resistance due to high strength and extreme toughness. high chemical corrosion resistance. high temperature resistance. high... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Mill construction, Engineering, Fluid Transfer
  • Liner Materials: Carbide / Hardmetal; Metal
  • Function: Corrosion; Heat or Fire Protection; Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Form: Liner
Roofing and Flashing Sheet Lead
from Mars Metal Company

Mars Metal provides sheet lead conforming to Federal QQ-L-201F and QQ-L-171E (and ASTM B-29 and B-749). Made from 98% recyclable material, sheet lead is the most malleable of common metals and can be easily shaped, formed, bend and cut to suit a variety of applications, including lead roofing and... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Roofing
  • Thickness: 0.0312 to 0.1250
  • Function: Corrosion; Sealing or Containment
  • Liner Materials: Lead
Heat Resistant Fabric and Textiles -- HYTEX®
from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain manufactures heat resistant fabric and textiles designed for use as thermal seals and thermal barriers in moderate to severe environments. In 1976, we began manufacturing Channel Tapes and Tadpole Gaskets for use as seals in gas fireplaces and pellet stoves. Since then, we have... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Furnace / Refractory; Electrical/Thermal/Removable Insulation, Oven/Door/Furnace Seals, Engine Exhaust Covers
  • Liner Materials: Textiles
  • Function: Heat or Fire Protection
  • Form: Liner
665 Waterproofing Membrane
from Polyguard Products, Inc.

Polyguard 665 is a rubberized asphalt waterproofing adhesive, laminated to a strong woven polypropylene backing. The laminated membrane is wound onto a disposable silicone treated release sheet to prevent the membrane from sticking onto itself while in the roll. So easy to install that no... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Pavement
  • Liner Materials: Rubber / Elastomer; Rubberized Asphalt
  • Function: Sealing or Containment
  • Form: Liner; Membrane or Geotextile
3M™ Ballistic Helmets
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

EAR controlled product. NIJ Level IIIA ballistic penetration protection. Available colors include Black, OD Green or Tan. Universal fit to avoid sizing issues. Available with standard or comfort fit retention system. 3M ™ Law Enforcement Ballistic Helmets BA3A feature a PASGT-style cut and are... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Military / Aerospace; Law Enforcement
  • Form: Liner; Ballistic Helmets
  • Function: Blast Mitigation
3M™ Polyurethane Protective Boots -- Business Jet/Regional Jet
from 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division

3M ™ Poyurethane Protective Boots are made of very tough thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with acrylic adhesive pre-formed to fit many industrial and common aircraft applications (including radomes, wing tips, landing gear, pods, prop spinners, etc.). They provide protection against damage... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Military / Aerospace; Plastic; Business Jets/Regional Jets
  • Liner Materials: Rubber / Elastomer; Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Function: Wear; Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Scratch, Puncture, & Moisture Resistant
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
from Abresist Corporation

Mineral based wear resistant material, can be used up to 350 ° C [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Chemical; Crushers & Mills; Furnace / Refractory; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper; MetalMills; Material Handling; Mining; Manufacturing; Water; Pipes / Piping; Vessels
  • Liner Materials: Basalt; Fused Cast Basalt
  • Function: Corrosion; Wear; Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape; Wear Plate / Strip; Tile of Sectional
C-Drain™ Geocomposites Structural Erosion Control Fabrics
from Contech Engineered Solutions

C-Drain ™ geocomposite drains provide a specific, engineered response to a particular drainage problem - how to collect and redirect water away from a structure or site. Contech offers a full line of products to address drainage requirements for a broad range of construction applications. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Environmental Remediation; Soil Stabilization; Construction; Plastic; Drainage
  • Thickness: 0.2500 to 0.4375
  • Function: Wear
  • Form: Liner
Base Plate for Gib Assembly -- SBP Series
from DME Company

Constructed of aluminum bronze with graphite plugs, D-M-E Base Plates for Gib Assemblies have a steel hardness of 179 Bhn. Each base plate includes thru holes to allow easy assembly. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Molding
  • Thickness: 0.3750
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Liner Materials: Metal
Snap-Tite® Pro Line
from ISCO/Snap-Tite

It ’s official! Snap-Tite ® now meets the AASHTO standard M326. This is the ONLY standard for relining culverts. State Departments of Transportation, counties and municipalities are facing a critical problem, which has lead AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Construction; HDPE / UHMW PE; Pipes / Piping; Culvert Lining Pipe
  • Thickness: 1.2 to 5.47
  • Function: Corrosion; Wear
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
ALTRA® Fiber Modules -- ALTRA® 72
from Rath Incorporated

ALTRA ® fiber modules are designed for application temperatures up to 3000 °F. ALTRA ® polycrystalline fibers offer significantly reduced thermal shrinkage compared to refractory ceramic fibers. The reduced shrinkage makes it possible to use ALTRA ® modules at much higher... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Chemical; Furnace / Refractory; Manufacturing; Walls; Electronic Ceramics, Powder Metal Parts
  • Liner Materials: Ceramic; Polycrystalline Fibers
  • Function: Heat or Fire Protection; Kilns, Furnaces
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape; Tile of Sectional; Brick
Chain Bed -- Redco™ Nylon & Tivar88 Chain Bed
from Redwood Plastics

Redco Nylon or Tivar 88 Chain Beds reduce chain lubricant requirements by nearly 75%; lowering maintenance costs and increasing the life of the chain. The chain bed is machined to precision, insuring the chain will be guided with accuracy. Available in either Redco Nylon SL or Tivar 88. Lightweight... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Plastic; Sawmills, Planermills
  • Form: Liner; Wear Plate / Strip
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
from Rhino Linings USA, Inc. / Industrial Division

Impact/abrasion/chemical/corrosion/rust & skid resistance, sound deadening. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Chemical; Crushers & Mills; Environmental Remediation; Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper; MetalMills; Material Handling; Mining; Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; Packaging or Containers; Construction; Military / Aerospace; Water; Automotive or Transportation; Marine; Flooring; Walls; Plastic; Pipes / Piping; Vessels; Aggregate, Plating
  • Thickness: 0.0625 to ?
  • Function: Corrosion; Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Sound Attenuation or Sound Proofing; PrimaryContainment; SecondaryContainment; High Hydraulic Stability
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
Industrial Potable Water Coating -- W9200 System
from Rust-Oleum Corporation

USDA, FDA, approved for steel and cement potable water tanks, self priming [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Water; Plastic; Pipes / Piping; Vessels; Valves, Hydrants
  • Liner Materials: Epoxy
  • Function: Sealing or Containment; PrimaryContainment
  • Form: Liner; Spray-on / Spray-Cast
Bridgeport Glass Armor 960 -- Series 396
from Tnemec Company, Inc.

Thick-film reinforced modified epoxy internal lining [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Chemical; Milling, Process Environments
  • Thickness: 0.0400 to 0.1250
  • Function: Corrosion; Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Liner Materials: Modified Amine Epoxy