Bond / Binder:Other Specialty Cement, Concrete, and Mortar Datasheets

Two Component Inorganic Mortar -- PC® 80 Mortar
from Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A two component inorganic mortar used as a stainless steel compatible bore coating or in forming high temperature reinforced shapes. U.S. Stock Item. Available in standard 55.1 lbs bags (powder) with standard 12.7 lbs bottles (liquid). [See More]

  • Product Type / Form: Mortar
  • Cure Time: 180
  • Bond / Binder: FOAMGLAS®
  • Max Use Temperature: -196 to 320
Fibercrete - Chemical and Food Grade -- No. 204
from Sauereisen, Inc.

FibreCreteTM Chemical and Food Grade No. 204 is a fiber-reinforced and chemically- resistant epoxy lining system used. to protect concrete and steel from chemical and physical abuse. The interlocking fiber matrix within FibreCrete systems contributes outstanding flexural and tensile strengths while... [See More]

  • Product Type / Form: Liner or Lining System
  • Technology / Cure Type: Heat Setting or Thermoset; Two or More Components; Chemical
  • Bond / Binder: Fiber Reinforced Epoxy; PolymerBond; Epoxy
  • Max Use Temperature: ? to 65.56
MortarCast™ -- Series 219
from Tnemec Company, Inc.

A high-performance, aggregate reinforced, cementitious epoxy [See More]

  • Product Type / Form: Mortar
  • Technology / Cure Type: Air
  • Bond / Binder: Water-Based Epoxy Modified Cement; PolymerModified; Epoxy
  • Cure Time: 720 to 1080