Fiber / Monofilament Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics

Coated Optical Fiber
from Zeus

An optical fiber ’s ability to perform in the field is often influenced by the type of polymer coating over its glass core. Fiber optics function in many environments with just a primary coating. Environments such as oil and gas sensing, however, may demand a secondary coating to provide... [See More]

  • Product Form: Fibers or Monofilaments
  • Use Temperature: -328 to 500
  • Material: Coated / Sized
  • Applications: Aerospace (optional feature); Automotive / Transportation (optional feature); Electrical (optional feature); Medical (optional feature)
CHR® Cloth-Glass PTFE, ChemlamTape (Brown) -- SGB6-04
from Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

PTFE films provide a conformable release surface and exhibit a remarkably low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties. PTFE films have high temperature resistance and are virtually unaffected by all chemicals. At elevated temperatures, PTFE film still retains excellent tensile strength. [See More]

  • Product Form: Fibers or Monofilaments
  • Thickness: 0.2441
  • Material: Fluoropolymer
  • Width / OD: 1.42
LCP Monofilament
from Zeus

At Zeus, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality medical device componentry. We have helped manufacturers around the world for over 50 years get extruded components that push boundaries in surgical fields. LCP monofilament fiber is our latest advancement in this area and continues our... [See More]

  • Product Form: Fibers or Monofilaments
  • Use Temperature: -58 to 302
  • Thickness: 0.0020 to 0.0040
  • Applications: Medical; MRI-compatible