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Datamate High Current

Datamate High Current. Datamate range now offers high power contacts that operate over high temperatures. Available on a variety of standard Datamate Mix-Tek layouts. Responding to industry demand Harwin has created new Datamate High Current Contacts, offering high current rating in a compact space. [See More]

  • Wires: 1W (optional feature); 2W (optional feature); 3W (optional feature); 4W (optional feature); 5W (optional feature); 1 to 10 Contacts
  • Device Type: Plug (optional feature); Receptacle (optional feature)
  • Power Type: DC Power Connector
  • Applications: Industrial
High Density Power Cable Plugs -- SCP2 Series
from Samtec Inc.

Available with Shell Size 10 (10 Pins) and 17 (32 Pins). Meets IP68 requirements for dust and waterproof sealing [See More]

  • Wires: 10 or 32
  • Device Type: Plug
  • Power Type: DC Power Connector
  • Applications: Commercial; Industrial