Applications:Other Zinc and Zinc Alloys Datasheets

95/5 Zinc Aluminum Solder -- 8951
from Belmont Metals, Inc.

Zinc Alloys. Featuring pure Zn shot for precious metal alloying and other uses; Zn plating anodes; Superdie and other Zn alloys for rubber-mold and permanent mold casting, ultrasonic solders. Special high grade Zn, ACS reagent grade Zn, Zamak die casting alloys, ZA alloys, galvanizing brightener... [See More]

  • Applications: Die Casting, Plating, Metal Joining
  • Shape / Form: Billet / Slab; Ingot or Billet; Waffle, Bar, Ball, Cut Pieces, Shot, Mossy.
  • Type: Zinc
5000 Series -- WZ-5001
from Materion Corporation

Pre-melted evaporation cones and discs. Standard Temescal/Telemark sizes or custom sized to fit your pocket or crucible. Rods for continuous processes [See More]

  • Applications: Electronics or semiconductors; Semiconductor, Optical Coating
  • Shape / Form: Bar Stock; Cone, Disk; Round Bar or Rod Stock
  • Type: Zinc; Alloy
Precios Metals for Semiconductor Applications
from Umicore Materials

Precious Metals (PMs) e.g. Silver, Gold and Platinum are used in the field of Semiconductors and Microelectronics. PMs thin film layers can serve as barrier against oxidation for retaining good electrical connectivity, as medium for soldering, as electrical contact layer, as alloy constituent for... [See More]

  • Applications: Electronics or semiconductors; Semiconductors
  • Shape / Form: Granules, Discs
  • Type: Zinc