Eye Mechanical Control Cables Datasheets

High Load Capacity Cable -- CA270-XXX
from Cablecraft Motion Controls

Custom engineering assembly, plastic covered conduit, pull-only [See More]

  • End Fitting: Eye
  • Length: 52.75 to 79.53
  • Type: Cable Only
  • Load: 1500
Lock- Clad Cable, Galvanized -- 1/9"
from Loos & Co., Inc.

Lock-clad Cable is manufactured by swaging an aluminum tubing over a 7x7 or 7x19 galvanized or stainless steel cable. Originally developed for aircraft control applications, Lock-clad has found additional industrial appli ¬cations where the following properties are advantageous: Stretch is... [See More]

  • End Fitting: Ball (optional feature); Eye (optional feature); Fork / Strap Eye (optional feature); Stop Sleeve (optional feature); ThreadedStud (optional feature); Socket Fitting (optional feature); Lock-Clad
  • Length: 360
  • Type: Cable Only
  • Diameter: 0.1250