Cast Iron Master Alloys and Alloying Additives Datasheets

Molybdenum & Molybdenum Alloys -- Ammonium Dimolybdate
from H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group

H.C. Starck produces a wide range of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy mill products using two primary consolidation methods; vacuum arc-casting (VAC) and powder metallurgy (PM). The availability of products from both of these established processes gives users many options in selecting a material to... [See More]

  • Metal / Alloy System: CarbonSteel; CastIron; Molybdenum; Specialty, Miscellaneous or Unlisted Alloy; Zinc; Titanium; Cobalt; Aluminum; Magnesium; Copper; Nickel; K, Na, P, Pb, Si, Sn, V, Zr
  • Type / Function: Alloying - Microalloying