Fire, Police/Public Safety Access Control Systems

Senseon™ Touch
from Accuride International, Inc.

Increase your efficiency, flow, and profits — with effective cabinet-level security. SENSEON is an innovative new access control system for cabinets, fixtures and furniture that creates exciting new design opportunities. Designed for commercial environments, SENSEON ™ combines style,... [See More]

  • Industry: Fire, Police/Public Safety; Medical/Healthcare; Networking and Computing; Retail
  • Technology Type: Security Token
  • Access Type: Physical Access
Building Access Control Systems
from Johnson Controls, Inc.

Our integrated network access control building technology works seamlessly with our P2000 security management system to help buildings achieve maximum security while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs. Built on open standards and compatible with virtually any third party program, the P2000... [See More]

  • Industry: Automation and Robotics; Building and Construction; Defense and Security; Education; Fire, Police/Public Safety; Government/Municipality; Medical/Healthcare
  • Access Type: Physical Access