2.54 mm (0.100") Wire to Board Connectors Datasheets

5494804 [SIB-132-S078-99P. WW from E-tec Interconnect]
from RS Components, Ltd.

32-contact wrap divisible strips for testing or interconnecting PCBs. Number of Contacts = 32. Number of Rows = 1. Pitch = 2.54mm. Type = Wire to Board. Mounting Type = Through Hole. Body Orientation = Straight. Termination Method = Solder. Series = SIB [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100")
  • Termination Types: Solder
  • Applications: PCB
  • Geometry: Straight
.100 IN RT ANGLE HEADER; 4 CIRCUITS (WHITE) -- 70190688 [22-05-3041 from Molex]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.


  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100")
  • Termination Types: Through Hole PC Mount
  • Applications: PCB; Interconnect System, Wire to Board
  • Geometry: Straight
Board Level Interconnects -- HiLinX2.54 Series
from Amphenol PCD

Amphenol has engineered a complete range of high & medium density, staggered grid, modular connectors with both 1.905x1.905[.075x.075] & 2.54x2.54 [.100x.100] pitches. The HiLinX range provides a unique choice of solutions by allowing a mix of various contact types: signal, power, fiber... [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100") (optional feature); 1.905 mm (0.075")
  • Connector Type: Strip
  • Applications: PCB
  • Gender: Male; Female
PotCon™ Miniature Circular Connector PBTP -- 24318
from Douglas Electrical Components

The PotCon line of hermetic feedthroughs incorporates standard connectors and/or wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. This line features disconnectable connectors at the pressure/vacuum interface as well as the ATM interface which allow for easy mating and unmating during install. Seal... [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 0.50 mm (0.0197'' ) (optional feature); 0.635 mm (0.025'') (optional feature); 1.27 mm (0.05'') (optional feature); 1.98 mm (0.078") (optional feature); 2.08 mm (0.08'' ) (optional feature); 2.286 mm (0.09") (optional feature); 2.413 mm (0.095") (optional feature); 2.54 mm (0.100") (optional feature); 2.74 mm (0.108") (optional feature); 2.77 mm (0.109") (optional feature); 2.84 mm (0.112") (optional feature); 3.96 mm (0.156") (optional feature); 5.08 mm (0.20") (optional feature)
  • Connector Type: FPC/FFC (optional feature)
  • Applications: Rectangular Connectors, Heavy Duty (optional feature); PCB (optional feature); Automotive (optional feature); Header (optional feature); Flat or Ribbon Cable Connector (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male; Female
HCMD -- 1753890 [HCMD-05-01 from Samtec Inc.]
from Farnell Europe

HEADER, IDC, 2.54MM, 10WAY [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100")
  • Connector Type: Wire-to-Board
  • Applications: PCB
  • Gender: Male
HARTING har-flexicon®
from HARTING Inc. of North America

har-flexicon ® - The connection of PCBs shows a clear trend towards the miniaturization and reflow-soldering connection technology. This requires innovative answers regarding size, utilization, flexibility, and handling of the components. The har-flexicon ® product family has been designed... [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 1.27 mm (0.05''); 2.54 mm (0.100"); 3.5mm/3.81mm/5.00mm/5.08mm
  • Connector Type: Strip
  • Applications: PCB; Header
  • Termination Types: PCBSolder
2.54mm (0.1”) Pitch Connectors

2.54mm (0.1 ”) Pitch Connectors. Industry-standard connector solutions for cable-to-board and board-to-board application requirements. Single and Double Row. Up to a maximum of 80 contacts available. Rated up to 3A, 250V per contact. Variable board spacing options, with Harwin ’s Pin... [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 2.54 mm (0.100")
  • Geometry: Straight (optional feature); RightAngle (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male (optional feature); Female (optional feature)
  • Voltage Rating: 250
Pitch, Board-to-Board, D Subminiture, Switch, and Wire-to-Board Connectors
from ITW Pancon

Pitch Board to Board connector systems can consist of single and dual row female socket strips offered in straight, right angle, and surface mount configurations. Mating male headers are also available in Board to Board and Wire to Board connector systems. [See More]

  • Contacts Pitch: 0.50 mm (0.0197'' ) (optional feature); 2.54 mm (0.100") (optional feature); 3.96 mm (0.156") (optional feature); 1.0mm, 2.0mm,
  • Connector Type: BoxHeader
  • Applications: Header
  • Gender: Male (optional feature); Female (optional feature)