Duplex Filter Elements Datasheets

Duplex Pressure Filters with Change-over Valve -- HDD
from Eaton

Duplex pressure filters with change-over valve type HDD are suitable for a working pressure up to 4568 PSI. The pressure peaks are absorbed by a sufficient margin of safety. Duplex filters can be serviced without interruption of operation. The upper part has a three-way-change-over valve which... [See More]

  • Additional Features: Duplex
  • Maximum Pressure: 4567
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 356.0
  • Maximum Temperature: 14 to 176
Dry Seal Simplex and Duplex Gas Fuel Filters -- 02518-5207021
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters simplify piping and operation of the duplex filter arrangement. Duplex housings incorporate valves and filters into one assembly. HILCO gaseous fuel filters are available in simplex design and in duplex arrangements for continuous operation. The filters are... [See More]

  • Additional Features: Reusable; Duplex
  • Configuration: In-line
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Flow: Full Flow
Cartridge Filter -- FW Series
from Thermon Manufacturing Co.

FW - General Industrial Cartridge Filter Housing. CCI Thermal Technologies Product Line- 3L Filters ™. The FW Series Cartridge Filter Housing for general industrial applications removes particulates from liquid streams, often as a pre-filter ahead of finer particle separation equipment. The... [See More]

  • Additional Features: Duplex (optional feature); Integral Bypass (optional feature)
  • Flow: Full Flow
  • Type: Cartridge
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 825.0
Duplex Bag Housing
from ISC Sales, Inc.

Duplex Liquid Bag Housings offer the capability of a continual flow for non-stop filtering during maintenance. Duplex systems effectively remove dirt, pipe, scale, and other contaminants from process liquids, and they deliver a wide variety of choices for flow rates and particulate removal. Plus,... [See More]

  • Additional Features: Duplex
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Flow: Full Flow
  • Maximum Temperature: 300