Oval Head Captive Screws Datasheets

Oval Countersunk Head Captive Screw -- 765
from Accurate Screw Machine Corp. (ASM)

Oval countersunk head captive screw [See More]

  • Head Type: Oval Head
  • Shoulder Diameter: 0.0780
  • Unified Thread Notation: Unified
  • Fastener Length: 0.3750 to 2
Captive Screws
from RUMCO, Inc., an MW Industries Company

As a leading cold-heading fastener manufacturer, Rumco Fastener Division specializes in a wide variety of SEMS and custom fastener products. For over 30 years customers have made us their manufacturer of choice because of our ability to meet custom requirements, our depth of product lines, our... [See More]

  • Head Type: Binding Head   (optional feature); Fillister Head (optional feature); Hexagon Head (optional feature); Oval Head (optional feature); Pan Head (optional feature); Round Head (optional feature); Truss Head (optional feature); Washer Head (optional feature); Captive Screws Slotted Flat-Head (optional feature)
  • Metric Thread Notation: Metric (optional feature)
  • Unified Thread Notation: Unified (optional feature)
  • Fastener Length: ? to 7