Specialty / Other Hydraulic Repair Services Datasheets

Phillips Service Industries, Inc.
from PSI Repair Services, Inc.

PSI Repair Services provides repairs for virtually any hydraulic component, including pumps, motors, servo valves, actuators, cylinders and power units. We serve all industries, large or small. Every hydraulic unit received in our facility for repair is first completely disassembled and cleaned for... [See More]

  • Services: Calibration; Remanufacturing; Rapid Turnaround; Spare Part Inventory; Other; Depot Repair Services
  • Certifications: AS 9000; ISO 9001
  • Company Information: PSI Repair Services provides expert repair of virtually all hydraulic items, like pumps, motors, servo valves and many others. All repaired items are dynamically tested on special test stands built specifically for those items.
  • Capabilities: Hydraulic Cylinders; Hydraulic Motors; Hydraulic Power Units; Hydraulic Pumps; Hydraulic Rotary Actuators; Hydraulic Valves; Hydrostatic Drives; Servo Valves; Machine Rebuild / Remanufacturing