Quartz / Crystal Filter IC Electronic Filters Datasheets

from Abracon LLC

• Excellent attenuation bandwidth. • Compact design. [See More]

  • Filter Category: Quartz / Crystal Filter
Constant Group Band Pass Crystal Filters -- FN-1784
from Filtronetics, Inc.

Stop band: 50 dB BW 180 KHz, IL 5.0 dB, Group delay: 2 µsec [See More]

  • Filter Category: Quartz / Crystal Filter
  • Fc: 10700
  • Filter Type: Band Pass
  • Applications: Commercial; Communications; Industrial; Military
Crystal Filter -- 10A15CB
from NDK

This is an integrated MCF with a built-in transformer which matchedterminating impedance with MCF impedance. This product can be manufactured according to your requestedterminating impedance. It can be designed and manufactured so that no adjustment is neededin the field. It has stable temperature... [See More]

  • Filter Category: Quartz / Crystal Filter
  • Filter Class: Continuous
  • Filter Type: Band Pass
  • Fc: 10700
BandPass Crystal Filters -- A-100
from Networks International Corporation

Type: Bandpass Center Frequency: 21.400 (MHz) Bandwidth: (MHz) Poles: 6 Mount: PIN Package: CR-175-059-044P Length: 1.750 (in) Width: 0.590 (in) Height: 0.440 (in) [See More]

  • Filter Category: Passive Filter; Quartz / Crystal Filter
Quartz Filters - Quartz Filters Ceramic packaged -- 21S12B
from QuartzCom USA, Inc.

Nominal Frequency: 21.4000 MHz. Pole No.: Pass Band: 3 dB / ±6.0 kHz. Attenuation Band: 30 dB / ±20 kHz. Loss: 2.5 dB [See More]

  • Filter Category: Quartz / Crystal Filter
  • Fc: 21400