1.0 / 2.3 Electrical Terminations

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RF Coaxial Termination -- R404144000 [R404144000 from Radiall]
from Richardson RFPD

1.0-2.3 Male Coaxial Termination 0-2.5 GHz 1W [See More]

  • Connector Type: 1.0/2.3
  • Terminator Type: Coaxial Terminator
1.0/2.3 Jack (Female) Termination (Load) 1 Watts To 4 GHz, Gold Plated Brass, 1.2 VSWR -- ST1023J
from Fairview Microwave Inc.

RF load / termination (also known as a dummy load) part number ST1023J from Fairview Microwave is just part of a wide selection of coaxial terminator products supplied for radio, antenna and other types of RF components for typical use, production, laboratory test and measurement, defense /... [See More]

  • Connector Type: 1.0/2.3
  • Frequency Range: 4000
  • Terminator Type: RF Terminator
  • Power: 1