Type of Measurements:Other Electrical Safety Testers Datasheets

Protection & Control -- RTT Test Set
from GE Digital Energy

The RTT Desktop Test Set is the ideal tool for engineers, technicians, consultants, and integrators that use relays, power meters, and PLC's on a regular basis. With the ability to provide single phase voltage and current, drive digital inputs, and control RTD's, the RTT is the ideal tool for... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Relays, Power Meters
  • Form Factor: Bench Top
  • Display: LEDIndicator
  • Safety Agency Rating: CE; UL Listing Mark
Circuit Breaker Identifier -- 191 CBI
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

190 CBI and 191 CBI have the same shape but different Speci fications. 190 CBI is an easy tool to find the circuit breaker or fuse supplying electrical power to an outlet or lighting fixture. Just plug the transmitter into the outlet. Use the receiver to scan the circuit breaker... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Ciruite Break or Fuse Indication
  • Form Factor: Portable; Hand Held
  • Display: Audible Tone
  • Safety Agency Rating: EN 61010-1:01
Leakage Current Tester -- TOS3200
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The Leakage Current Tester TOS3200 is designed to perform leakage current (touch current and protective conductor current) tests on general electrical equipment but not medical electrical equipment. It enables you to conduct tests that conform to the requirements of the applicable IEC, UL, JIS, and... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Leakage Current
  • DC Current Out: 3.00E-5 to 0.0900
  • DC Volts Out: 10 to 430
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104
Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester -- Model 4320
from Slaughter Company (SCI)

The 4320 allows manufacturers to perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond tests in a single instrument. The 4320 offers incredible value if you want to perform multiple electrical safety tests in a single instrument. Test functionality includes a 5 KV, 20 mA AC Hipot, 6 KV,... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: AC Dielectric; DC Dielectric; Insulation Resistance; DC Hipot; AC Hipot; Ground Bond
  • AC Current Out: 20
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 5000
  • DC Volts Out: 0.0 to 6000