Feedback:Other AC Servomotors Datasheets

Direct Torque Motor ACT Series -- ACT15502152
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe

The high inertia torque motor with outer rotor: High Precision. High Dynamic Stiffness. Stall Torque Range 15 ... 30 Nm [See More]

  • Feedback: Integral Encoder; Integral Resolver; SinCos
  • AC Voltage: 400V
  • AC Construction: AC Servo
  • Shaft Speed: 200
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p130
from WITTENSTEIN, Inc. (formerly alpha gear drives)

powerful – efficient – easily maintained. cyber power motors are custom designed brushless AC servomotors, characterized by their outstanding power to weight/size ratio and an efficiency unmatched in the market. Product Features. High power motors. Compact design. High overload capacity. [See More]

  • Feedback: Feedback Brake
  • Shaft Speed: 2600
  • AC Construction: AC Servo
  • Output Power: 29.48