Non-free Flowing Baghouses and Baghouse Filters Datasheets

SPJ-BV Series Bin Vent Collector -- SPJ-12-X4B6BV
from Scientific Dust Collectors

Scientific Dust Collectors' Supersonic Pulse Jet Bin Vent (SPJ-BV) Collector is designed specifically for storage tanks, silos, work bins, and material receivers. It employs the patented supersonic nozzle cleaning system which allows the collector to operate at higher air-to-cloth ratios, lower... [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; Explosives; FinePowders; General Cleaning; Litter Pick-up; Non free Flowing; Metalworking Chips / Fluid; Reclaim / Recycle; Spill Recovery; Toxic Media; Welding Fumes
  • Efficiency: 99
  • Airflow: 100 to 100000
  • Minimum Particle Size: 1