Specialty / Other Cladding and Hardfacing Services Datasheets

from Hermetic Solutions Group

Design engineers are often faced with the dilemma of material selection, and frequently, they find that a combination of materials provides the optimal properties required by the design. PA &E's explosive bonding process can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other design... [See More]

  • Company Information: PA&E has helped customers to achieve the "impossible" for more than 30 years with its innovative metal-to-ceramic, metal-to-composite, and metal-to-metal bonding solutions.
  • Cladding / Overlay Material: Aluminum; Braze; Carbide / Hardmetal; Composite; Copper; Nickel; Precious Metal (Gold, Silver); Refractory Metal; Solder; Steel - Stainless; Steel - Structural; Steel - Tool; Titanium
  • Surfacing Process: Specialty / Other; Explosive Bonding; Hardening / Heat Treatment; Explosive Metal Hardening
  • Function / Performance: Abrasion Resistant; Blast Mitigation; Conductive; Corrosion / Rust Preventive; Heat Resistant; Impact Resistant; Magnetic; Non-magnetic; Wear Resistant; Magnetic Radiation Shielding