Environment:Other Pressure Blowers and Fans Datasheets

Custom Designed Centrifugal Blower Packages

GENERON represents a complete line of Roots ® centrifugal blower packages. Centrifugal blowers deliver high efficiencies while handling a wide range in turndown. Adjustable inlet guide vanes and diffuser vanes can be controlled to enhance unit performance. API Standard Centrifugal Blowers are... [See More]

  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Environment: Clean; Dirty; Landfill, Wastewater, Gas Separation, Process Gas, Petrochemical, Vapor Recovery
  • Draft: Forced Draft
  • Air Flow Rate: 4000 to 300000
Backward Curved Fan
from AirPro Fan & Blower Co.

The AirPro backward curved centrifugal fan (BCHS) is designed to handle high air volumes at high static pressures. Used to move mostly clean air, our BCHS industrial fan can be used as a forced draft or induced draft fan for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether standard or custom, AirPro... [See More]

  • Draft: Forced Draft (optional feature); Induced Draft (optional feature)
  • Air Flow Rate: 300000
  • Environment: Clean; Corrosive; Dirty; Smoke
  • Static Pressure Range: 40
CPV 160 Series -- CPV 160-1140
from FanAm, Inc.

High impact ABS plastic that is strong and corrosive resistant. [See More]

  • Environment: Clean; Corrosive; Dirty; Smoke
  • Static Pressure Range: 0 to 1
  • Air Flow Rate: 0 to 500
  • Fan / Blower Diameter: 6.2
Fabricated Blowers -- PS-100
from Hoffman-Lamson

A Lamson original. Lamson established in 1880, offers the brand that others measure themselves against, with over 100 years of experience. This all cast centrifugal, is built with the highest quality materials and workmanship, while offering superior performance. Flow Range: 25-300 CFM. Pressure:... [See More]

  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Air Flow Rate: 25 to 300
  • Environment: Clean; Dirty; Biofuels
  • Static Pressure Range: 14 to 69
RL Pressure Blower
from Robinson Fans

The RL Pressure Blowers are custom engineered for a complete range of heavy duty combustion air applications. Robinson high-pressure blowers are engineered for a range of volumes from 275 to 23,680 cfm at pressures from 4 to 32 ounces per square inch. All-welded steel construction. Wheel and housing... [See More]

  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Environment: Combustion Gases
  • Draft: Forced Draft; Induced Draft
  • Air Flow Rate: 275 to 23680