Material:Other HVAC Fans and Blowers Datasheets

Pressure Air (PA) Fans
from Chicago Blower Corporation

To meet specific applications, PA fans can be built with stainless steel or alloy construction. Split housings facilitate wheel removal without disturbing connecting ductwork. Integral inlet boxes, pre-spin inlet dampers and opposed-blade outlet dampers all control air flow. Belt guards and shaft... [See More]

  • Material of Construction: Stainless Steel; Alloy
  • Environment: Clean; Dirty
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Air Flow Rate: 440000
Box Ventilator -- BESB 250
from Enervex, Inc.

The BESB box ventilator is used for bathroom, kitchen and clothes dryer exhaust as well as supply of combustion air/make-up air. In exhaust applications it is installed at the exhaust duct termination point where it ensures a negative pressure in the entire duct system - or in line. For optimal... [See More]

  • Material of Construction: Steel; Galvanized
  • Draft: Induced Draft
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Environment: Dirty
Panther Series - BIC51 Backward Inclined Blower -- BIC51-FRP
from Moffitt Corporation

Moffitt BIC51 Backward Inclined Blowers offer a wide range of applications for the industrial, commercial or institutional markets. These fans are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, in a variety of temperatures and conditions. Fiberglass construction offers excellent chemical resistance... [See More]

  • Material of Construction: Fiberglass
  • Draft: Forced Draft
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Environment: Clean
Backwardy Inclined Industrial Fan Type J
from Robinson Fans

The Robinson type J fan is a backward curve unit designed to give quiet, highly efficient, stable operation through a wide performance range with the protection of absolute non-overloading characteristics. Both the airflow principles and structural design feature incorporated are based on 60 years... [See More]

  • Material of Construction: Aluminum (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Draft: Forced Draft; Induced Draft
  • Product Form: Packaged
  • Environment: Clean