Pipe and Tube Cutter Type:Other Pipe and Tube Cutters Datasheets

MMC200 Multi-Material Cutter -- AR7161
from Eraser Company, Inc.

Eraser's Model MMC200 Multi-Material Cutter offers users the widest range of industrial cutting applications available today. The unit can process round or flat material up to 3.94 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick (100 mm wide and 16 mm thick). Boasting a maximum cutting force of 600 pounds, the... [See More]

  • Pipe and Tube Cutters: Cut-Off Blade
  • Power: Power Tools; Electrical
  • Tubing / Pipe Material: Rubber / Elastomer; Copper; Polymer / Plastic
  • Form Factor: Benchtop
SUS SuperSlice™ Tubing Cutter
from General Pipe Cleaners

A patented V-point blade pierces hard or soft plastic tubing, then slices through to give a clean, easy cut with virtually no tube deformation. The blade is offset to give you powerful, penetrating action with a minimum of force.Use it on PVC, CPVC, irrigation pipe, plastic or rubber garden hose,... [See More]

  • Pipe and Tube Cutters: Scissor Cutter; V-Point Blade
  • Tubing / Pipe Diameter: 1
  • Tubing / Pipe Material: Rubber / Elastomer; Polymer / Plastic
  • Power: Manual Tools
Adjustable Gate Cutting Knife -- GCK Series
from SAS Automation, LLC

Easily mounts to standard mounting clamps. Lightweight for maximum efficiency in cutting applications. Elbow arm allows for fine adjustment of cutter blade [See More]

  • Pipe and Tube Cutters: Adjustable Gate Cutting Knife
  • Power: Power Tools
Automatic Pipe Cut-Off Tool -- VCT2
from Victaulic Co. of America

Rotation is powered by a small 120 VAC motor with SCR remote control. Unique distributor design has stainless steel insert which extends tip life, eases cleaning and reduces backfire. Wall thickness: 0.065 -0.500 ″| 1.65 - 12.7 mm (with tips supplied). Tips: Acetylene - 1 ea. #00, #0, #1. [See More]

  • Pipe and Tube Cutters: Chain / Soil Pipe Cutter; Acetylene Torch Cutting Tip
  • Power: Power Tools; Electrical
  • Tubing / Pipe Diameter: 4 to 24
  • Form Factor: Benchtop