Plasma Spray Thermal Spray Coatings Datasheets

Electrodes for Plasma Spraying
from H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group

Turned and rectangular rods slabs. Material: WCu 70/30 - 80/20. Plasma-electrodes acc. customer drawings. Material: Doped tungsten cast with copper [See More]

  • Spray Technology: Plasma Spray
  • Material Type: Non-ferrous; Copper
MCrAlY Alloy Powder Materials
from Oerlikon Metco

Designed for the hottest service environments. MCrAlY thermal sprayed coatings are used in the hottest sections of gas turbine engines and other high-temperature, corrosive environments. They can be used alone as an anti corrosion coating or as a bond coat to improve the performance of Thermal... [See More]

  • Spray Technology: HVOF (optional feature); Plasma Spray (optional feature); Vacuum Plasma Spray (optional feature)
  • Material Type: Non-ferrous; Aluminum