Connector Type:Other FireWire® Cables Datasheets

Cable Assembly, 1394b Jackscrew to 1394b Jackscrew, Black, 4.5m -- 152403-4R5
from National Instruments

National Instruments offers standard cables to connect IEEE 1394 cameras to your system. The IEEE 1394a and IEEE 1394b standards provide 400 and 800 Mbits/s bandwidth, respectively. Additional NI cabling includes I/O cables for triggering and other I/O available on IEEE 1394 cameras. [See More]

  • Connector Type: IEEE
  • Cable Length: 14.76
from RS Components, Ltd.

Firewire (IEEE 1394) compliant cables allow connection of digital cameras, hard drives and scanners to MACs and PCs with the Firewire interface. Firewire IEEE 1394 compliant cables. Female to female connections. Fully shielded for RFI/EMI protection. Cable length 2m. Connector A = 6-Pin Female... [See More]

  • Connector Type: 6-Pin Female Firewire, 6-Pin Female Firewire; 6-Pin
  • Standards / Certifications: IEEE1394 Compliant
  • Cable Length: 6.56
Firewire Active Extension -- GX1394-215
from ACC Cables

Active extension boosts the signal 15ft, gold plated connectors / contacts [See More]

  • Connector Type: FireWire®
  • Cable Length: 15
IEEE1394 6ckt to 6ckt plugs Metal Shells- 15 ft -- 70159506 [45-1362-15 from GC Electronics]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

\fi0 Coiled cord with modular plugs at both ends. Available in 6, 12, or 25 foot lengths and 9 color selections. Cords fit between handset and phone base.\fi0 [See More]

  • Connector Type: 6 Circuit Plug
  • Cable Length: 15
  • Product Type: Firewire 400 (IEEE 1394)
High Speed Digital Data (HSDD) Connectivity Systems
from Delphi Automotive LLP

The Delphi High Speed Digital Data (HSDD) Connectivity Systems can help meet the growing demand for in-vehicle interfaces that provide high-speed connections with a wide range of consumer electronics equipment. Currently in production, the system enables camera and video applications used in safety... [See More]

  • Connector Type: High Speed Digital Data (HSDD); 6-Pin
  • Rated Temperature: -40 to 105
  • Product Type: Firewire 400 (IEEE 1394)
FireWire -- NAFW1300-02
from Northwire, Inc.

cable rated 11 million bending and torsion cycles [See More]

  • Connector Type: FireWire A-A
  • Cable Length: 6.56
  • Product Type: IEEE 1394a
  • Rated Temperature: ? to 80
FirePRO 10m Cable -- ACC-01-2017
from Point Grey Research, Inc.

The FirePRO 10 metre IEEE-1394b cable assembly is a high quality, reliable and cost effective solution for applications that require devices to be extended beyond the standard 4.5m cable length. Key benefits include: minimizes data loss and signal integrity problems; locking connectors guarantee... [See More]

  • Connector Type: IEEE-1394b
  • Cable Length: 32.81
  • Product Type: Firewire 800 (IEEE 1394b)
  • Rated Temperature: -5 to 45