Metal Crusher and Grinding Mill Wear Parts

from Abresist Corporation

Longest lasting wear material available, maintains hardness at high temp [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Metal; Tungsten Carbide
  • Industry / Application: Cement; Chemical; Furnace / Refractory; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper; MetalMills; Mining; Manufacturing
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Impact; Corrosion; Wear
  • Form: Tile of Sectional; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
Mill Linings and Trommels
from Metso

Metso is a world-leading supplier of mill liners and trommels. The reason for this is simple. By combining high quality mill linings with service, capital equipment expertise and process know-how, we can offer solutions that promote safety, improve grinding efficiency, reduce downtime and enhance... [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Rubber / Elastomer; Metal
  • Industry / Application: Plastic; Mining
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Impact
  • Form: Tile of Sectional